The Story Behind Clean & Conscious

by Erin Ipjian


The third round of our Clean and Conscious Healthy Living online program is about to start and I’d like to give a little shout out to my co-founder, Carolyn Collins of Be Healthy Within.

This project came to fruition after a long talk with Carolyn at our local coffee shop, the Glenview Grind. Carolyn and I were meeting about another equally exciting project when I found myself so inspired by her passion for helping people on their wellness journeys. I had a gut feeling that, working together, we could create something really special to serve our community.

I’ve long believed in the power of yoga and meditation to help people become more aware of the choices they habitually make and choose better. And, I believe the ways in which we choose to nourish ourselves are so vital to our ability to thrive.

I’m beyond grateful to have the opportunity to work with Carolyn and offer the result of our partnership: the Clean and Conscious program.

Our winter 2019 program begins Monday, January 14th, and there is still time to sign up.

The program includes:
-weekly email content with clean eating and simple meal plans, recipes, and shopping lists
-daily yoga and meditation practices, including 15 video practices designed to support your journey towards establishing healthy eating patterns
-individual email support from Carolyn, licensed clinical counselor and health coach, and Erin, Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher
-additional online support from the Clean and Conscious community

So, here’s to jumping all in with those who inspire you. If you’d like to join us on this journey, sign up at We would love to get Clean and Conscious with you!